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General facts Serbia

GCI UNIT Serbia is an expert in business investment and advisory utilizing a unique network well connected regarding Foreign Economic Relations predominantly in Serbia and other South Eastern European Countries.

GCIs starting point is the investment in regions and industries with high growth ratios and sustainable business concepts. The citizenship one (investor) can acquire is considered 'the cherry on the top' when a decision is made to starting something extraordinary particularly in the Republic of Serbia.

For Serbia without having a CBI in place this is realized via the following:

“…on common efforts to Implementation of potential investors in citizenship of the Republic of Serbia, which is a special interest for the Republic of Serbia, in accordance with article 19 of the Citizenship Law ("Official Gazette of RS, Br. 135/04, 90/07 and 24/18)…”

GCI’s facilitates and advises investment activities in the Republic of Serbia and accessing a process via a joint agreement with a government related network.

Services as follows:

  • Liaison with local and major government authorities
  • Keep close relation with the government experts
  • Counsel and advise on investment and the citizenship application

At the current situation the focus regarding the investment activities and possible citizenship applications are in Serbia. The outlook is to “apply” these activities to the other countries of the Balkan area.

GCI accelerates the process where ever it is possible, from the enrollment of the investment and application until the COR is issued by the concerned Ministries of the Government of the Republic of Serbia.

An investment in the Republic of Serbia is mandatory to apply for the Citizenship via the fore mentioned parameters.

The Republic of Serbia offers the Citizenship to Investors because the operational routine of a standard working regime often requires travelling and meeting business partner in neighboring countries. In a nutshell: 'This is to add efficiency towards the business operations. Some nationalities do not have the freedom of Visa-Free-Travels to many European countries therefore this is an added value for the Foreign Direct Investment activities.’

There are 3 possible scenarios available:


Investing in an existing business based in Serbia. We recommend and offer a very comfortable, effective and profitable opportunity by investing in GCI. This is realized by 'pooling funds' which are redistributed 'Serbia-Effective' into start-ups and companies looking for growth opportunities etc.and therefore GCI is contributing to the country's economic growth and overall development. This is an ideal option for one who does not wish to establish a legal entity (company) or participate in a large scale property development.


Establish an own company in the free zone or any other legal entity what fits the business plan. Manufacturers and the generation for work places is preferred as the ICV (In Country Value) is always considered when one wants to utilize the 'Economic Citizenship Solution'. Other target industries such a an agriculture establishment, tourism, ICT (in particular software) or infrastructure are excellent opportunities to invest in Serbia.


Purchase a property, more precisely buy into real estate development in Serbia; this must be a substantial investment and it is not like in many known destinations such as Turkey or Spain 'by a house and get a permanent residence scheme'. Therefore, buying a property for ones' accommodation will not do. There are some large-scale real estate developments in Belgrade, apartments and offices what might be worth to investigate a bit closer. Other regions in Serbia such as Kruševac or Novi Sad are very attractive but bear in mind the investment and contribution must be significant and recongnisable generate an in country value.

Some tricksters even claim to work with GCI; please get in touch with us when you wish to investigate regarding our network partners in different countries.

This is to rectify a situation we have seen on different internet sites organisations in varying countries offering hefty overpriced residency in Serbia and market this as citizenship. Double and triple compared with GCI services. Two of these sites are even in Persian and Turkish language.

GCI Unit Serbia and TCME cooperation partners are the only organizations able to offer the 'Economic Citizenship Solution' for the Republic of Serbia. Be aware of tricksters !

Visa Free Travel Passport Costs
more than 125 countries after 3 months For individual pricing please contact us.
Location Main City Total area
South East Europe Belgrade 77,474 sq km
Currency Population Coordinates
Dinar (RSD) approx 7,120,000 44° 49´ N, 20° 27´ E

Serbian Citizenship Program

We are the inventors of the Serbian Very Important Investor Program (VIIP), to search for companies, managers and business people who want to invest in Serbia and support the emerging Serbian economy. We have planned, developed and proposed this program to the Serbian government. This program is currently under development, but there is the possibility for investors to apply. We submit applications from our investors to the Ministry of Economic and Interior Affairs. The decision on accepting a foreigner to Serbian citizenship is in jurisdiction of the Government in case of national interest. That is why we can only submit a limited number of applications. The recognition of the citizenship of the applying foreign investors will be based on Article 19 of the Serbian Citizenship Law. Article 19 of the Serbian Citizenship Law states: "a foreigner, whose admission to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia would be of interest for the Republic of Serbia, can be admitted to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia. The Government of the Republic of Serbia, on a motion of the competent Ministry, decides about admission to citizenship of the Republic of Serbia in line with para. 1 of this Article." Those who are interested in Serbian citizenship must accept that the process can last longer than 90 days in the start-up phase.