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Residence Program Italy | Buy Passport from GCI. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment. Italian Citizenship Program. Read more on how to apply for Residence Program Italy.

Residence Program Italy indicates applying for a long-term residence before acquiring Italian citizenship. If you are interested in immigration to Italy as well as intend to get one of the visas offered for foreigners, our lawyers can guide you.

Why Second Citizenship Italy?

As told, our neighborhood attorneys who specialize in migration issues in Italy offer an overview on exactly how to obtain a permanent residence authorization. We can likewise assist those that want to concern Italy as business owners or those that intend to acquire Italian keys.

Types of residence permits in Italy

There are two types of residence permits which can be obtained in Italy:

  • Temporary residence permit
  • Permanent residence permit

It should be kept in mind that in order to obtain permanent residency in Italy, a momentary residence visa should initially be obtained.

The short-term residency visa must be gotten by non-EU citizens when very first arriving in Italy. EU people need to only sign up with the authorities department in the city they stay in without being needed to look for a short-lived residence authorization. Nonetheless, both categories of individuals should live for a minimum period of 5 years prior to getting permanent residence in Italy.

The residence permit can also be acquired by:.

  • The partner of the candidate
  • The moms and dads of the candidate
  • The minor children of the applicant
  • Kids over the age of 18 if these can sustain themselves

Simply put, the candidate is qualified to bring relatives when moving to Italy. Nonetheless, the applicant has to verify they have sufficient economic methods to support themselves and their dependents, as well as send proof of their relationship with the dependents.

The major ways of acquiring permanent residency in Italy.

There are a number of problems troubled both EU as well as non-EU people interested in obtaining permanent residency in Italy. Aside from living for 5 years in this nation, these need to also show they gain enough money to support themselves which they talk Italian fluently and recognize the national customs. They must likewise have clean criminal records.

There are several ways in which the Italian permanent residency can be acquired:

  • Based on a job permit which entitles the applicant to live and work in Italy before getting long-term residency
  • Based upon a residence permit for business owners which permits foreign people to start their own companies below
  • Based on an investment in a certain domain of passion recognized by the Italian federal government
  • Based on self-employment visa which allows the foreigner to serve as a single investor in Italy

Our GCI UNIT Italian immigration attorneys and also Experts can clarify the needs associated with acquiring long-term residency by self-employment, as an entrepreneur or base on financial investment.

Obtaining a long-term residence authorization for non-EU people in Italy

  • Non-EU residents should follow certain procedures when applying for permanent residence in Italy. Those that intend to come in to Italy must check with the Italian embassy or consular office in their nations and ask info on the papers required.
  • Non-EU people need to first request a temporary residence authorization which is issued for a period of 5 years, followed by the application for the Italian permanent residence authorization. To put it simply, a non-EU resident must reside in Italy for 5 years prior to requesting long-term residence.
  • Records required for an Italian long-term residence permit. The following records have to be submitted by non-EU people applying for a permanent house license in Italy:
  • Evidence that the international citizen has actually resided in Italy for 5 years (the momentary house authorization)
  • The registration certification issued by the local police force upon entering Italy
  • Proof of having a legal address in Italy (a service agreement or a current utility expense)
  • Evidence of ways of self-sustenance (bank declarations, income tax return, payslips provided by the company)
  • The criminal record and the application form released by the Italian authorities

Constraints for certain applicants for long-term residency in Italy

There are additionally categories of persons who can not get long-term home permits in Italy. These are normally trainees who involve Italy based upon student visas which allow a restricted duration of keep. In the same category get in those who come for clinical purposes or for trade training to Italy. Additionally, asylum applicants who in the process of obtaining recognition as refugees can not request permanent residence until their status is cleared up.

Those that go into Italy for humanitarian reasons looking for momentary security can not look for irreversible residency in Italy.
Those that have valid momentary house permits and have actually not met the 5-year living requirement are also limited for obtaining irreversible residency till the last requisite is met.

The benefits of obtaining long-term residency in Italy

Acquiring the status of an permanent resident of Italy can bring many benefits for a foreign citizen. Amongst these, we discuss the opportunity of going into as well as existing Italy without being needed to apply for various other visas. Also, the foreign person can take a trip freely to other EU countries and also can even operate in such nations without being called for to get a job authorization. One is additionally entitled to state benefits, such as pregnancy or handicap advantages.

The last as well as probably one of the most vital benefit is the opportunity of obtaining Italian citizenship. When it comes to EU residents, the minimum period of keep is 4 years, while for non-EU citizens the minimal period of stay is one decade based upon the long-term resident standing.

Aid in obtaining irreversible residency in Italy

Offered that you fulfill the demands enforced by the regulation, you can rely upon our migration lawyers in Italy from GCI Unit Italy for assistance in preparing the documents for getting an irreversible house license. We can assist throughout the entire application treatment, regardless of if you have actually functioned or if you are a business owner curious about obtaining an Italian permanent house authorization.

GCI attorneys will certainly also discuss the civil liberties and obligations connected to ending up being a permanent homeowner with the purpose of additional obtaining Italian citizenship.

Residence allows in Italy for corporate scenarios.

International investors who intend to open up a company in Italy can acquire a residence authorization in certain scenarios. Foreigners might set up an Italian restricted liability company complying with the lawful procedures. At the exact same time, they may register a branch workplace or a depictive office of a foreign company.

In these particular circumstances, the lawful structure specify that a representative of the international company might get an intra-company transfer residence authorization.

Investors might also acquire a start-up house license, which was developed under the local legislation for the registration of start-up firms that provide innovative products or services. In this situation, the minimal financial investment is established at EUR 50,000.

Individuals that wish to get in the Italian workforce can look for a European Blue Card, issued for staff members with a high degree of abilities in a marked area of activity. The applicant should provide evidence on a college graduation certification.

Our outstanding group of professional consultants has actually been very carefully chosen as well as works towards our company ethos:. Focused on you - our Customer.

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