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Exactly how do I understand if I am qualified to obtain Long Term Residency in Ireland?

  • Applications from persons who have actually been legitimately resident in the State for a minimum of 5 years (i.e. 60 months) on work permit/work authorisation/working visa conditions:.

  • Applications for Long Term Residency in Ireland are currently processed as an administrative system. Persons who have actually been lawfully resident in the State for a minimum of five years (i.e. 60 months) on the basis of work permit/work authorisation/working visa conditions may apply to this workplace for a five year residency extension. Because context, they might additionally relate to be exempt from work authorization requirements.

  • Long-term Residency is given on the basis that a non EEA nationwide has completed a minimum of 5 years (i.e. 60 months) lawful house in the State on work authorization conditions which is shown in the corresponding Stamp 1 or Mark 4 endorsements on an individual's ticket (not by the dates of commencement and expiration of each work permit/work authorisation/working visa). Time periods for which a person has not been lawfully resident in the state (i.e. does not have an as much as day endorsement on their key) can not be counted towards an application for Long-term Residency.

  • A successful candidate in this situation will certainly be provided Authorization to Stay on a Stamp 4 which is valid for 5 years.


Applications from Spouses/Dependants

The partner and/or dependant( s) of the applicant for Long-term Residency might additionally obtain Long Term Residency. In order to make an application for Long Term Residency as a spouse/dependant, the applicant should be legitimately resident in the State as a spouse/dependant for the needed 60 month period( i.e. minimum of 5 years).

Effective applications from those that use as a spouse/dependant will be approved Consent to Continue to be on a Stamp 3. This particular long term consent does not exempt the spouse/dependant( s) from work permit needs. It needs to be kept in mind that, in order to send an application for Long Term Residency as a Spouse/Dependant (Stamp 3) you must be the Spouse/Dependant of a candidate who has already been approved Long Term Residency on Stamp 4 conditions.

Exactly how do I know if I am disqualified to look for Long-term Residency? Applications for Long-term Residency can not be accepted from individuals listed in the adhering to classifications:. The applicant is an EEA National (EU member states, Iceland, Liechtenstein & Norway).

The candidate has authorization to stay on the basis of his/her marriage to an Irish nationwide (refer candidate to Partner of Irish National System). The candidate has permission to stay on the basis of his/her marital relationship to an EEA national. (refer applicant to EU Treaty Rights Area). The candidate has approval to stay on Pupil Conditions (Stamp 2 & Stamp 2A). The candidate has been made repetitive as well as has actually been legally resident and also worked for 5 years with a work permit issued by the Priest for Venture, Trade and also Innovation or has actually been lawfully resident and also has worked in conformity with a work permit for less than 5 years and has actually been made redundant involuntarily. The candidate has authorization to continue to be under the old IBC and also IBC-05 plans or has actually had actually such permission restored. The candidate was granted permission to continue to be under the Turkish Contract (Turkish Association-- Stamp 4 for 1 year-- sustainable with neighborhood Migration Police officer).

The candidate was granted consent to continue to be under altruistic Approval to Continue to be (formerly Delegate Remain) or was approved Refugee Standing or went into the State under the Household Reunification system. The applicant has permission to remain on the basis of an Intra-company Transfer.

The applicant is working at an international consular office in the State. Authorization to Stay released under the Job Vacation Authorisation system (see is not counted for the functions of Long-term Residency. The applicant holds only Green Card (Employment) allows.

The Applicant currently resident in the State under Company Consent.

What to do with the documents?

The complying with documents, along with a covering letter of application plainly indicating the passport endorsements relating to each work authorization, should be sent to:

  1. Duplicate of candidate's work permits.
  2. Replicate of candidate's Certificate of Enrollment, ie Irish Residence Permit (IRP) or GNIB Card.
  3. Clear and readable duplicate (or duplicates) of applicant's ticket( s) including all endorsements. (On the occasion that your passport has actually ended given that arriving in the State, please submit duplicates of all stamped passports containing endorsements).

What are the Qualification Requirements?

Persons who have actually been legitimately resident in the State might get Long-term Residency based on the problems listed below:
  • You must have a minimum of 60 months (5 years) reckonable home on the date you submit your application.
  • Just lawful home in the State on work authorization, job authorisation or working visa conditions will be counted as reckonable residence for the functions of your Long Term Residency application. This reckonable residence must be reflected by either a Stamp 1 or Mark 4 recommendation on your key - as well as not by the days on your job allows, functioning authorisation or functioning visa. (Note: If you are requesting Long-term Residency as a spouse/dependant, your passport is generally endorsed with Stamp 3 or, sometimes, a mix of Stamps 1 as well as 3).
  • Your approval to remain in the State has to be up to day when you use it.
  • You have to remain in rewarding work when you use as well as throughout and after the application procedure.
  • You need to be of good character. It is important to show good will and personality, as normally a country wants a mentally well built person.
  • Any amount of time for which you do not have permission to continue to be is not counted when we calculate your reckonable house.

If you are making an application for Long-term Residency as a Spouse/Dependant, please note that, should your application be successful, you will certainly be granted Long-term Residency on Stamp 3 (Dependant stamp) problems for 5 years. Nonetheless you are not released from job license problems.

How long does it require to process an application?

An application normally takes in between 6 and 8 months to procedure. However, for a variety of factors, some applications might take longer.

What happens if I do not have the needed 60 months (5 years) Reckonable House when I apply?

Applications from non EEA nationals who do not have the required 60 months (5 years) reckonable house at the day of application will not be approved.

When the prescribed fee has been paid, and all other requirements have been met, a letter will certainly provide to the candidate or his/her solicitor/legal depictive granting Long-term Residency on Stamp 4 for 5 years. A letter will certainly additionally issue to GNIB educating them of the decision to give Long Term Residency as well as of the appropriate stamp to be offered to the candidate (Stamp 3 or Stamp 4).

Applications from Doctors registered with the Irish Medical Council.

The Irish Medical Council has just recently restructured their register into the complying with divisions:

  • Student Expert Division.
  • General Division.
  • Expert Department.

It is recognized that doctors might relocate from the General Department to the Student Professional Department and/or Specialist Division. In such cases, the burden of proof gets on you, the applicant, to supply qualification from the Irish Medical Council to verify that you have the requisite 60 months reckonable residence. "I have Service Approval to Continue To Be in the State."

Can I obtain Long-term Residency?

Procedures are presently being composed in regard to applications from individuals who hold Business Permission to Continue To Be in the State.

I am a Green Card (Employment) Permit holder, yet I likewise have work permits. Can I make an application for Long Term Residency?

If you hold a combination of work permits and also Green Card (Work) Permits, after that you can request Long Term Residency. Nonetheless, you must likewise meet the Qualification Standard laid out above.

I am presently operating in the State under Hosting Contract Issues, but I additionally have work permits. Can I make an application for Long Term Residency?

If you hold a combination of job licenses and are presently operating in the State under Hosting Agreement conditions, then you can get Long Term Residency. Nevertheless, you should also meet the Qualification Standard set out over.

Please note: Individuals who are made redundant need to refer to "Policy for 5 year employees and also repetitive workers" with regard to maintaining Permission to Continue to be as much as date.

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