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Residence Visa | GCI - Global Citizenship Investment. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

GCI - Global Citizenship Investment is well known as one of the most reliable and professional advisor for residence planning, covering numerous and diversified services such as citizenship and immigration, international laws and tax policies together with real estate choices.

Due to the fact that each client has his particular private situation, we advise and ensure tailored programs for them, giving the best solution for a better life. We only work with high standard locations and premises, and we follow procedures directly with the governments for a more efficient and reliable closure term.

Our team will help you in the decision, in which country you should apply for the permanent residence Visa program, so that their needs are best be covered. It must be observed many different processes, also with regard to the processing time. For each country, we can name you the benefits and difficult points of permanent residence Visa Program, which are of interest to them.

The main step for managing your future tax and real estate assets is to scan and identify some particular countries linked to your business or next plans in establishing other location or residence place.

It is quite difficult to point out the perfect place for tax efficiency and considering recent strong imposed tax laws and avoidance tracking measures, changing the residence Visa to a lower tax frame country it is the best solution for any individual interested in preserving his wealth.

The whole process of changing the residence Visa can be a little sensitive for individuals and their families from certain high level taxation countries and also for the ones coming from unstable political or economic states. But once they have the general knowledge of advantages and benefits, they will decide it right away that it is the perfect decision made for them and their beloved families.

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