Citizenship Program

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A Citizenship Program offer a quick and uncomplicated way to acquire a new citizenship, a new nationality or a second passport by legal means. Normally you get a citizenship either by birth, marriage with a citizen of this country or by descent, that is, the proof that one is descended from a parent of the corresponding country.

The conditions for naturalization differ from one country to another, usually with a lot of bureaucracy and long waiting times, as well as longer periods of residence in the countries. Waiting times can be several years. A quicker way to get a new citizenship is to take the path through Citizenship by Investment. All these Citizenship by Investment Programs offer several options for an investment such as Donation, Real Estate and Business to acquire a citizenship respectively a second passport.

Citizenship by Investment Programs from GCI

We at GCI - Global Citizenship Investment a The Consultant Middle East FZE company offer you a multitude of such Programs, which we have even designed and launched ourselves. The most popular and frequent Programs can be found in the Caribbean. There are currently five active Citizenship by Investment Programs: Anitgua & Barbuda, Grenada, Dominica, St Kitts & Nevis and St Lucia. In Europe, these Programs are not yet very widespread. At present there are only two: Malta and Cyprus.

In our opinion, there are many beautiful European states, which offer a very high quality of life and in which it is worth living. For this reason, since 2016, we have been working intensively to develop further Citizenship Programs in Europe and to design them together with the local governments. It is therefore all the more pleasing to us that we can announce in 2017 that we have launched three more Citizenship by Investment Programs in Europe. These Programs have been added in the following countries: Serbia, Albania and Montenegro. We think that the European Citizenship by Investment Programs will be of particular interest to most investors.

Further information

Further detailed information on all our offered Citizenship Programs and the possibilities to invest in such a Citizenship by Investment Program are explained on the individual pages of the programs. We would be delighted to assist you in advising and selecting the most appropriate Citizenship by Investment Program. Contact us!