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The Republic of Singapore, likewise known as Lion City or the Little Red Dot, is an island city-state of Asia, comprised of a main island and sixty-two various other islands. It is a starting participant of the ASEAN as well as lies to the south of the State of Johor in the peninsula of Malaysia and to the north of the islands Riau of Indonesia, divided from these by Strait of Singapore. Its populace is about 5.5 million, of which concerning 75 percent are Chinese, with the remainder being Malay, Indian or Eurasian minorities. This modern variety is shown in the four main languages of the nation: English, Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Its official money is the Singapore Dollar (SGD).

Why Second Citizenship Singapore?

If you want to spend and also get residency in Singapore you may make an application for the Global Capitalist Program. Under this program, foreign-nationals that invest a minimum of S$ 2,500,000 setting up a brand-new company entity or in the development of an existing company operation or in a mutual fund, might be qualified for permanent residency.

SIn addition to the financial investment, to be qualified for Irreversible Residency under the GIP, you need to have a substantial business performance history and also an effective entrepreneurial background. Investment needs to be made within 6 months after your irreversible residency approval-in-principle

When you get your Permanent Residence permit, a 5-year Re-entry license (ASSOCIATE) will certainly be issued. This license enables you to maintain your Singaporean immigration standing when you are abroad.

For a three-year renewal:

  • You or at the very least one of your dependents need to have stayed in Singapore for majority the time in the previous 5 years; OR
  • You have set up an organisation in Singapore which uses at the very least 5 Singapore citizens and also has had an annual company expenditure of at the very least S$ 1,000,000, or in case you have actually bought an existing business, work as well as expense increments have actually been at the very least 5 Singaporean citizens and S$ 1,000,000, respectively.

For a five-year renewal:

  • You or at the very least among your dependents have stayed in Singapore for majority the moment in the previous 5 years; AND
  • You have actually met investment problems; AND ALSO
  • You have established a company in Singapore which utilizes a minimum of 5 Singapore citizens and has actually had an annual business expense of at least S$ 1,000,000, or in case you have actually invested in an existing business, work and expenditure increments have gone to the very least 5 Singaporean people and S$ 1,000,000, specifically.

Your partner and single kids below 21 y.o. might be included in your Permanent Residency application. Keep in mind that your male youngsters who end up being Long-term Locals might be responsible for National Solution. If you want to bring your parents and also unmarried children 21 y.o. as well as above, they may obtain a 5-year Long-term Check Out Pass (LTVP), which will certainly be linked to your REP.


After 2 years of Permanent Residence, you may be eligible for citizenship under the economic plan, based on your very own qualities. You will need to show exceptional financial qualities and/or family ties with a person to obtain the application approved. The decision goes to the single discernment of the Government of Singapore.

It is necessary to keep in mind that Singapore does not recognize dual citizenship. For that reason, to end up being a Singaporean person, you need to renounce your previous nationality.


  • You should have at least 3 years of an entrepreneurial and also service track record as well as must show proof of it, with an audited economic declaration of your company for the last 3 years by a certified audit firm.
  • Your business's turn over need to go to the very least S$ 50 million in the year preceding your application, as well as at the very least S$ 50 million per year on average for the three years preceding your application. You might combine your companies to fulfill the minimum turnover criteria, every one of which must just be taken part in several of a listing of defined markets.
  • If your firm is privately-held, you need to have at least 30% shareholding in the company. Your function in the firm, in addition to the growth and also profitability of your company, will be taken into consideration.
  • After making the called for investment, you need to submit the docudrama proof of it by means of a licensed duplicate of the investment documents, a financial institution statement revealing that the investment was made from your individual savings account opened exclusively in your name with a Singaporean signed up bank, as well as the original signed task on the Conditions of the financial investment made.

Dual Citizenship

Double citizenship is not recognized in Singapore. To come to be a person of Singapore, you have to renounce your previous citizenship.

Documents Required:

  • Licensed copy of key
  • Original or Certified duplicate of Birth Certificate (if appropriate).
  • Notarised duplicate of Family Census/Household Registry.
  • Evidence of Company Background.
  • Member of the family history.
  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage Certification (if appropriate).
  • 2 passport-size pictures.
  • Audited accounts of the company (3 years) (if suitable).
  • Certification of shareholders by the Registrar of Firms (if suitable).
  • Qualified copy of Organisation Permit or Incorporation files (if appropriate).
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Duplicate of ACRA (Bookkeeping & Corporate Regulatory Authority) (if suitable).
  • Company Strategy.
  • Receipt of settlement of costs.
  • Carrying out on the Terms of the Program.

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