Citizenship Program Montenegro Procedure | Buy Passport from GCI. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment.


The full Investment and Donation you have to deposit in the escrow Account by the Government befor you can apply. This Contribution is post-approval to pay and will go back to applicant, if the Government decides against it.

The Government Processing Fee is in upfront to pay and also the due diligence from Advisor and Lawyer Fee, Both are non-refundable.
You can apply over our partners and Lawyers from GCI Unit Montenegro

The steps are mainly simple, particularly after signing service agreement, we will proceed as follows:

Step A

We will start pre-screening procedure to determine your eligibility.

Step B

Once pre-screening is done, you will have assigned a Client Service Manager who will guide you through selecting process for the most appropriate and in your benefit investment option.

Step C

The designated Client Service Manager will collect all needed documents and submit the application to the Government.

Step D

Once your application is approved, you will have to submit the payment for all fees and amounts.

After all the above steps, we will collect the Citizenship Certificate and passport and deliver it to you in the most secure way.