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Procedure process

The processing time for the MCBI program is 90 days. Moldova have a Country restrictions (in particular Iraq, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Sudan, Afghanistan and Yemen)

The full Investment must be transfer in upfront in the escrow Account from the Government. It will be deducted if the application is aproval.
Also the Full Government due diligence Fee, Advisor Fee and Processing Fee by the Government, is to pay in upfront and non-refundable.

Documents for Government what our Lawyer need, for the Program;

  1. signing the Contract from the main applicant , 
  2. Nomination Form
  3. Valid Passport (certified copy)
  4. Identity Card (certified copy)
  5. Police certificates from the country(ies) of citizenship and each country of residence of 6+ months in the past 10 years
  6. Personal Profile (include education and employment history)
  7. Medical Certificate HIV (non-treatable and communicable diseases)
  8. Certification of birth (certified copy)
  9. Marriage/Divorce certificate
  10. Military records
  11. Nationality certified copy
  12. Asset report
  13. Proof of source of funds
  14. One of the following: Employment certification/Bank Reference/Professional
  15. Power of Attorney 

and more.  All the forms, we will send after the signing of the contract between us for application!

Certification and Apostille/Legalization of Foreign Documents: Whenever a document is required to be submitted as a certified copy, it must be certified by a notary or lawyer officially approved by the Government in the country of certification. Certified documents further require either (i) a stamp of Apostille or (ii) Supra-legalization (i.e. validation by the appropriate government department, Ministry of Justice and competent Moldovan diplomatic office in the respective country).

Translation into English: Any document that is not in the English language (including certifications or stamps) must be accompanied by an official translation into English. Translations must be prepared by a professional translator (officially accredited by a court of law), a government agency, an international organisation, or another similar official institution. If the translation is prepared in a country where there are no officially accredited translators, the translation must be prepared by a company whose sole or main business is doing professional translations. The translation must be signed by at least one authorised signatory of the translating company. Note
that the translator should include in a clear and legible format, the date, their full name, capacity in which they are acting, residential or business address, telephone number, and email address/website. In case of Translating Agencies, letter-headed paper should be used.

Translation into Romanian: Additional Romanian translations from English will be prepared and certified by a notary in the Republic of Moldova (the accredited lawyer shall arrange this) using an agency approved for the purpose of translation by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova.