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Moldova Citizenship by Investment Options: The investor and family has to make a significant economic contribution to the country and can immediately obtain their passports once their application is approved. It is not required to permanently reside in the country.

Payment Step 1: (upfront Fees)
Government due diligence Fee non-refundable
               6.000 EUR Main Application
               5.000 EUR spouse and dependent over age 16 years
               5.000 EUR Dependent Parents aged 55 years and over
Government Application Fee non-refundable
                5.000 EUR additional for Main Application Fee for Government (Single or family) plus
                5.000 EUR additional for each dependent over 55 years
                2.500 EUR additional for spouse and each child over 16 - 29 years
                1.000 EUR additional for each child under 16 years
Lawyer and Advisor Fee non-refundable               
               20.000 EUR  plus for each member 1500,-

(Total upfront Fee for Single 31,000 EUR)

Payment Step 2: (Post-Approval Fees)

Donation / Contribution to Public Investment Fund (PIF) non-refundable
                100.000 EUR Donation Single,
                115.000 EUR single and spouse
                130.000 EUR single, spouse and Kid
                145.000 EUR family of 4
                155.000 EUR family of 5 and more
Government Fee non-refundable
                 35.000 EUR additional Government service provider fees (Single or family) plus               
Passport Fee non-refundable
                 300 EUR each
Lawyer and Advisor Fee non-refundable                                          
                 10.000 EUR                                   

(Total Post Approval Fee for Single 145,300 EUR)

The full amount (for single 176,300 EUR) is deposited in a designed account from the Lawyer or Advisor and also directly to pay in the Government Accounts.

Upon approval, donation amount will remain untouched in the designed account.

Applicant will go to a Consulate, Embassy, Ministry in Moldova and make the fingerprint and oath. 
10 days later he can pick up his Passport and Citizenship.

Timeline is between 3- 4 months