Citizenship Program Albania Procedure

Citizenship Program Albania Procedure | Buy Passport from GCI. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

In exchange for citizenship, the investors have the choice for either purchase an approved real estate in Albanian , either to make a donation to a Development Government Fund. The first option is the one which is enable the investor to recover his used funds. They can also rent this acquired property, earn monthly income and sell it after a mandatory complete circle of 5 years.

1. Applicants should have at least 18 years and can include their dependent family members such as children up to age 25 and parents over the age of 65.
2. They need to be of a good character, without criminal records and with clean police reports documents
3. They need to have a high personal net worth in order to be able to make the proper investment

The steps are mainly simple, particularly after signing service agreement, we will proceed as follows:

Step A

We will start pre-screening procedure to determine your eligibility.

Step B

Once pre-screening is done, you will have assigned a Client Service Manager who will guide you through selecting process for the most appropriate and in your benefit investment option.

Step C

The designated Client Service Manager will collect all needed documents and submit the application to the Government.

Step D

Once your application is approved, you will have to submit the payment for all fees and amounts due to the real estate plan or fund contribution value.

GCI is the inventor, planner and designer of the Citiznship by Investment program especially for entrepreneurs and managers. We have proposed the government's program and are in contact with the authorities. The program and the idea is in the process. Until it is approved by the government and is legimitized, we help the investors to apply for citizenship over the Ministry of Economic and intern Affairs. Through our contacts with the government, we are able to significantly speed up the process.