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Citizenship Programs - Global Citizenship Investment: leading global financial consulting company specialized in Citizenship Program and Residence Planning. Read more on how to become a citizen via Citizenship Program

The Consultant Middle East helps and focuses on high net worth individuals and their families migrate to some of the world’s most welcoming, prosperous and safe countries through Investor Immigration Programs. We work in tandem with financial institutions and a trusted network of internationally respected experts in immigration law to navigate and streamline the immigration process.

The Consultant Middle East is managed and driven by a highly talented and dynamic team of executives, many of whom come from diverse cultural backgrounds, having highly experienced and dedicated performances in servicing clients from around the world with the most professional standards of commitment and integrity.

Citizenship Programs Europe:

Serbia Cyprus
Citizenship Program Serbia Citizenship Program Cyprus
Citizenship Program Malta

Citizenship Programs Caribbean:

Antigua and Barbuda Grenada
Citizenship Program Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program Grenada
St. Kitts and Nevis Saint Lucia
Citizenship Program St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship Program Saint Lucia
Citizenship Program Dominica

Our Citizenship by Investment Programs are aimed at ultra-high net worth individuals and families worldwide.